February 28, 2016

About Me

That’s me.

So here’s how it started…

I was at a point in my life when everything was stagnant. I was not growing. I was not learning. I had lost the interest and desired in changing my life.

There was no direction. No goals. No motivation.

I was not happy with the way that I looked and I could not stick to a workout or diet for more than a few weeks.

Then a friend came along and changed my life. He turned me on to Tim Ferriss. Tim is a popular blogger who also happens to be an entrepreneur, best-selling author, monk, fitness guru among other things. I started to follow Tim Ferriss. I read his books and listened to his podcasts.

Through Tim Ferriss, I was introduced to masters of fitness, finance, health, business, and technology like: Tony Robbins, Ray Dalio, Warren Buffet, Ben Greenfield, Kevin Rose.

I started to follow and learn from them. I captured key strategies they followed. I adapted mindsets and perspectives they used. I read books and articles they followed. I implemented programs and diets that were successful for them. I mimicked the key attributes and factors to their success.

I realized we are no different than them. There are a set of common habits, behaviors, and diets followed by most of the successful people I read about. Mastery of these habits, behaviors, diets, and programs are what helped drive these billionaires, fitness gurus, tech moguls, and entrepreneurs towards success.

Mastery is a game of inches. You have to be willing/brave enough to start (desire) and maintain progress (discipline). The compounding return on the maintenance eventually leads to success and mastery.

This is what lead me to the name “The Art of Maintenance”. Starting is the easy part. Maintaining is the art.

I need to share my experiences. I want to share my knowledge and insight with the rest of the world. The disciplines, behaviors, skills, and habits I learned should be available to everyone in an easy-to-access and easy-to-understand form.

Others should be able to learn from my learnings and experiments so that they know what pitfalls to avoid and what areas to double-down and capitalize on.

I started sharing my stories of implementing what I learned to friends and family. Seeing the fascination, curiosity, and interest in them motivated me to share this with a larger audience.

Thus, this blog was born. This will act as a guide for others who share the same desires and goals as me of changing their life.

I hope to build a community. My ultimate goal for this blog is to establish a following of like-minded individuals who are passionate about growth in different areas of their lives.

As this blog grows, so will the collective sharing of information, ideas, hacks, and tips. In due time, I hope that there is a community of authors who can share their contribute and share stories or requests on particular areas they are struggling with.

So that’s the story. I hope you will join me on this journey. Please subscribe and read on!

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